The Job Gym

Taiyaba Hassan, John Lewis

Taiyaba, 25, was a Care Supervisor for 6 years when she decided she wanted a change in career. With her outgoing personality, experience, and strong work ethic, she thought she would walk into another role, so she handed in her notice to concentrate on finding a new job. Soon, days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months, and her dream of a new career was fading fast. She felt very low and her confidence took a huge knock.

After applying for around 50 jobs and attending 9 interviews, Taiyaba came to the Job Gym to do a customer service skills booster course. Her job coach helped her secure an interview for a role at John Lewis, which she was very passionate about.

In preparation for the interview, Taiyaba was referred to Smart Works Greater Manchester, where she received a full outfit of clothes and accessories, and one-to-one interview preparation training. A few days later, Taiyaba attended her interview and was offered the job.

“I had a good job as a Care Supervisor, but after 6 years it had become too easy. I wanted to be challenged in a role I felt passionate about and I much preferred job satisfaction over money, so I decided to leave my current job to concentrate on a new career.

I honestly thought I would just walk into a new job. Initially, I was a fairly confident person and the thought of finding a new job did not phase me at all, but after a while it started to rub off on my confidence and I became really worried about finding work.

I would fill my day looking and applying for jobs, but I felt lost having all this time on my hands. My family started to notice my change in mood as I had become very impatient and quiet, which is not like me. I attended 9 interviews but I was either unsuitable, or the role was not what I was expecting, so when I secured an interview with John Lewis I was really excited.

I was so pleased when I got the job and I am so thankful to the Job Gym and Smart Works for their help. They have got me where I am today and it’s made a huge different to my life”.