The Job Gym

Tiffany Ives, John Lewis

The Job Gym programme helps Tiffany move into her dream contact centre job


Tiffany Ives first found out about the Job Gym when she mentioned to her Job Centre advisor that she’d like to work in a contact centre.

“Before this, I was working in a nursery for three years and I had a background in admin but I wanted to move into a different sector and work in a call centre.”

Tiffany was looking for a chance of pace from what she’d done previously and also felt that working in a contact centre offered a wider range of opportunities.

“With a contact centre, it’s applicable to different areas. You can move anywhere and there will be contact centres so it’s a very diverse job to have.”

Tiffany’s advisor told her about the John Lewis Sector Based Work Academy that the Job Gym was hosting, which included two weeks of training and a guaranteed interview for a role in John Lewis’s contact centre.

Tiffany enrolled on the course and spent a week brushing up on work skills, building her CV and refreshing her interview techniques. Gaining real experience of working in a contact centre followed this.

“The contact centre training was more hands-on, you got live experience on the phones. You got to practice roles plays and there were other things such as presentations about the legal side.”

“I’ve had no experience at all so to have the practice first helped.”

“When I did my first couple of calls, I got to listen to them back and I got advice from the tutors. Listening to them back made me realise they’d been better than I thought.”

In particular, Tiffany found that listening to her calls gave her the chance to identify what she was doing well and what she could improve on.

“Listening to the calls back really improved my confidence on the phone.”

This experience also helped when Tiffany completed the course and went for an interview for a contact centre job at John Lewis.

“In the John Lewis interview, near enough everything we covered in the course was covered in the interview so I felt a lot more confident being able to role play on the phone in the interview.”

“I’m really excited – I can’t wait to start my new job.”

Whilst waiting to start, Tiffany came back to the Job Gym to further enhance her skills by doing an IT skills course.

“I would definitely recommend the Job Gym – this is the third course I’ve come back for!”

Tiffany Ives

“You get proper qualifications, it’s a free course and most of the courses you do, you get a guaranteed interview so it is really helpful.”