The Job Gym


At The Job Gym, we’re committed to ensuring all queries are handled quickly, accurately, and fairly. If learners have any compliments, feedback or concerns about our programmes, we ask them to speak to their tutor– they’ll try to resolve the issue, and if that’s not possible they’ll point you back towards us. Employers may always contact their Key Account Manager. We recognise that feedback from customers is vital in helping us to improve the services we offer. We record and analyse information about any complaints, to ensure that we get to the root cause of any issues our learners might have.

We understand there may be times when learners feel they can’t speak to their tutor. There might also be times when they do so, but the tutor can’t resolve a problem in a way the learner is happy with. These times might include (but are not limited to): 

Complaints about discrimination based on: 

  •       Age 
  •       Sex 
  •       Race, religion or belief 
  •       Sexual orientation 
  •       Disability 
  •       Pregnancy or maternity 
  •       Marriage or civil partnership 
  •       Gender reassignment

The government’s counter terrorism strategy: The Job Gym is committed to preventing people from being drawn into extremism and terrorism. If learners have concerns about a possible terrorist act; or concerns about any individual they believe may be involved in extremism, they may use this route to contact us for support.

Any of the following, relating to themselves or to another person and to the training provider: 

  •       Physical abuse 
  •       Sexual abuse or inappropriate conduct 
  •       Emotional or psychological abuse, or bullying 

The issues above could all be considered safeguarding concerns. If a learner or employer has any safeguarding related complaint which is not in the list above, they should follow our process from Stage Two onward. 

Stage One: Tell the tutor, or the staff member you work most closely with, about your query and give them the chance to resolve the matter at the training provider you work with. If you’re unhappy with the outcome, or if the problem is one of those listed above, go to Stage Two (below). 

Stage Two: Contact The Job Gym, and we will work with the training provider on your behalf. You can call us on 0333 220 6645 email us at; or write to us at: Quality Improvement Team, Mantra Learning, Greengate, Middleton, Manchester, M24 1RU. If you email or write to us, please include: 

• Your full name and contact details, including a daytime telephone number. 

• A full description of your complaint (including the subject matter and dates and times if known). 

• Any names of the people you have dealt with so far. 

• Copies of any documentation or letters which relate to the query. 

Our Quality Improvement Team will respond to let you know we’ve received your feedback within two working days.

• We’ll then work with the training provider to resolve your complaint, and we’ll do our best to provide you with a full resolution within ten working days.

• In any cases where this isn’t possible, we will contact you within ten working days to explain what we are doing to investigate. 

Stage Three: Our Quality Improvement Team managers will have worked closely with the training provider, and any other related parties, to resolve your complaint. However, if you remain unhappy with the outcome, you can raise an appeal to our Senior Management Team. The Senior Management Team can be contacted as follows: C/O Quality and Performance Manager, Mantra Learning Greengate, Middleton, Manchester, M24 1RU. A last resolution will be provided within five working days. 

Stage Four: If you remain unhappy with the outcome of your complaint after it has been fully investigated, it may be possible for you to escalate your complaint further to an external body. This may depend on the subject of your complaint and the way in which your programme is funded. In these instances, details of the relevant external body will be provided with the final resolution we share with you.