The Job Gym

Digital skills for employability

11 February 2020


The Job Gym GM Digital Skills for Employability programme has taken off (or in social media terms "gone viral"). The programme has been designed to support people who are unemployed or earning less than £17,550 per year with an opportunity to access fully-funded provision to enhance their digital skills and employment prospects.

Digital skills are becoming more demanding in everyday life. From using self-scanners in a supermarket, online banking, online shopping and using smart meter home devices - adapting to digital demands is becoming essential for us all.

Do you remember a time before we used emails in the workplace? This is now a distant memory for many and shows just how much the workplace has changed over the last two decades. The development of technology in the workplace has been a revolution for many, creating new opportunities to prosper and grow. For others, this hasn't been the case, as job losses and skills gaps have emerged as a result of the digital revolution. 

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The Digital Skills for Employability programme is challenging this skills gap and helping people to develop new skills and increase their employment prospects. The programme supports people to communicate online, create content, deal with transactions, problem solve and manage and share information.

Martin on the course who is looking for work in CCTV Surveillance told us, "I've learned a lot of things over the week. I wanted to gain more knowledge on spreadsheets and develop my digital skills, as it's paramount for the job I'm looking to progress on to."

Learners on the programme have been using a platform called Yammer, a social networking service for private communication within organisations or for training purposes. Yammer allows tasks to be set to give learners an understanding of social platforms and an opportunity to develop their skills and experience.

Anthony on the course stated, "I've come to The Job Gym to complete my CPC training and opted to complete this course as I've never used a computer before and it's broadened what I can do. I can now log on to a computer and won't be frightened to tackle spreadsheets and I might even look to progress on to working in the Traffic Office." 

In addition to the experience and skills, learners are given support with creating, developing and sending their CV for job applications. USB sticks are provided, so they have a takeaway resource to reflect back on their learning and can access their CV in the future.

If you would like to refer yourself or one of your customers on to our Digital Skills for Employability programme contact The Job Gym GM team on 0333 220 6645.